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Using Commercials
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Super Bowl Party Game Using Commercials

Super Bowl Party Game Using Commercials

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Super Bowl party game using commercials. Fun, easy to setup 10X10 squares game where the winners are determined by what commercials are shown instead of by the score of the game. Many people who go to Super Bowl parties are just as interested in the commercials as in the game. I have created a squares game to make watching the Super Bowl commercials even more fun and where the winners even win some money from it. For example, suppose the first commercial after the start of the game was a Doritos commercial. One of the winners would be the person who has their initials in the square that is the first commercial afer the start of the first quarter and is a Doritos commercial.

This game is reusable year after year with no modifications needed.

You will be sent as an attachment to an e-mail:
1) The template for the game
2) The categories (to determine the winners)
3) Step by step detailed instructions of how to implement the game from start to finish.

Note: You will need a printer and Word as the file is written in Word.

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Actual comments from my 2015 Super Bowl Party where the game was used the first time:
  "That was fun"
  "Lets do it again next year."
  "I liked it more than the squares with the numbers." (refering to the typical squares game)

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