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Here is the Elimination Activity and Certificates of the eight ready-made, easy to use, affordable class reunion icebreakers, games, certificates, and slide shows, all based upon your graduation year.

Reunion Elimination
The most popular item - called "Elimination" - is a fun, 30-40 minute interactive PowerPoint with 18-22 categories. This activity can be used as an icebreaker (or can be used at any time during the reunion) involving everyone at the reunion including guests. It is a group activity that works well with any size reunion large or small. The PowerPoint can easily be shortened by eliminating some of the categories. (It can be used without a computer if one is not available.)
*Each of the categories has a corresponding semi-humorous certificate (written in Word) that can be printed and given to the 'winner'.

Reunion Elimination and Certificates Preview (only 2 out of the 18-22 total categories are shown in the preview below)
Note: The background and font colors are different in the actual PowerPoint and in the Word certificates as pictured below.



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