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Just thought you would like to know that our Quincy High School (Quincy, IL) 
40th class reunion was a big success. We used the Jeopardy Friday evening and the Reunion Elimination Sat. evening. Our class really enjoys our chances to re-connect. Thanks for making our job easier! (name deleted) Star Valley High School, Afton, Wyoming (1983 25th reunion 8/2/08) Thanks a lot...what a great success! I combined the 70's, 80's and Movie/TV slide shows to loop continuously throughout the event. Since we planned on playing jeopardy we could not use the 1983 slide show until afterward because it covers a lot of the same material. We started with a shortened version of Elimination to break the ice (8 questions) We had a small group of 60 people (10 tables) and played Jeopardy just like on TV. It was a blast. I had two "spotters" to help identify whose hands went up first to answer the question. We purposely did NOT remind them that the answer had to be in the form of a question and it was fun catching them on it. We made scorecards for the point end with their answers, wager and "team" or table name (attached). I modified the Jeopardy slide show to play the theme song throughout the game rather than just Final Jeopardy. We gave away the centerpieces. Thanks again, (name deleted) Mr. Robert Greenlee, We had our 20 Year class reunion here in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada, (Northern Manitoba)
over the weekend, I feel compelled to let you know how things went with your programs.
They were hugely successful. I was the Master of Ceremonies and I must say, everyone was very impressed with both the reunion jeopardy and elimination games.
I used the Jeopardy game questions and made question sheets for each table to
fill out as a group. This was a great ice- breaker for everyone to get talking during the meal. Just before the meal was over I collected and marked the sheets, and created
a spreadsheet with the scores. Then I went over the answers on your program using a computer projector. Your presentation of the jeopardy game board had everyone captivated. We gave the winning table a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine. Then we went on to final Jeopardy on the big screen. I started with the table that had the least score and went on to next least
till finally at the third try, the right answer was given. Then we gave everyone at that table
a chance at a draw for prizes. You could just hear the awes of recognition when I clicked on the final jeopardy answer. I did change a couple of things. I didn't know the prices of things in Canada in '83, so I just substituted the category with Trivia from our High School. This went over really well. To make up for time, I shortened the elimination game down to 10 questions, which worked out well. I also substitute the distances for kilometers. Incidentally, the person who came from farthest away, came from England. When questions were narrowed down to one person, we got them to tell the details. This game went over extremely well because we got to learn a bit
about each other for later conversations. It's difficult to say which game went over better, because I had lots of people telling me after that they really enjoyed them both. It was a lot of fun. Another thing I did, was put together a power point presentation by scanning photos from our yearbook, and showing them set to the music from our grad theme song. This was also a huge success, and you may want to pass on the idea to some of your future customers. These programs were the best money I've ever spent. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas. (name deleted)

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