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Super Bowl Party Game using Commercials

Fun math games, worksheets, PowerPoints, and teacher resources of more than 800 files only 1/8 of which are the files that are free downloads from this web site. Most of the documents on the CD are saved as Word files or PowerPoints so they can be easily edited. See the bottom of the page for ordering information
(Note: CD for PC computers using any Windows version,
most document files are written in Word 6.0/95)
Ordering information is at the bottom of the page.

Actual comments (I swear) of math teachers who have purchased the CD:
  "Thanks for organizing all of this!"
  "Every student-teacher should have one of these CD's."
  "Being a second year teacher, resources like this are nice to have."
  "My husband had to drag me away from the computer."
  "Thanks for compiling the CD! I saw your presentation at the MMC workshop
    3 years ago and purchased the CD at the workshop. It was my first year teaching
    (I am a career changer - came to teaching after 25 years in marketing and engineering).
    The CD was a tremendous help - the best thing I have seen and I use it constantly!"
  eBay buyer 1/25/08 - "Thank You!! Fast Shipping!! Great CD!! Highly recommended!!"
  eBay buyer 1/29/08 - "My wife teaches middle school math. LOVES this CD. Extremely happy with content."
  eBay buyer 12/02/08 - "A must have item!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! A+++++++++++++"
  "You probably heard me, from my house, laughing so hard."
    (referring to the administration humor in the School Humor file)

Contents of the CD:
Best Miscellaneous:
    Words of Wisdom & Inspiration for Teachers (46 pages, 52 items)
    Math Sayings, Puns, and Quotes (23 pages, 211 math quotes)
    Math Songs And Poems (86 pages, 142 items)
    Poems for Teachers (17 pages, 29 poems)
    Teacher Sayings and Quotes (26 pages, 392 sayings/quotes)
    Illusions (9 pages)
    Math Articles (7 items)
    PowerPoint Template for Parent Open House
Education Humor:
    Math Humor (78 pages, 115 items)
    School Humor (109 pages, 144 items)
Math Resources:
    Abacus & Slide Ruler Working Applications
    Conversions (4)
    Games (4)
    Grid Paper (10)
    Math Award
    Number Names & Facts (12 files - 191 pages)
    Rubrics (9 files, 65 items)
    Screen Saver
    Math Clip Art
    Math Interactive Web Sites Sorted by Topics (74)
    Math Web Sites Sorted by Category (69)
Teacher Resources:
    Clip Art (13 pages, 697 items)
    PowerPoint Backgrounds (68)
    Screen Savers (5)
    Computer Backgrounds (4)
    Resume Info for Teachers (13 pages)
    Teacher Forms and Templates (30 items)
    Teacher Misc. Web Sites (11)
Best Worksheets:
      (Includes all the files that can be downloaded from this web site.)
    PreAlgebra: 23 items
        Not on the web site but on the CD:
        21 Jeopardy PowerPoints Games, Calculator Fun Sheet, Area Puzzle
    Algebra I: 24 files
        Not on the web site but on the CD:
        Complete lesson plans, games, and activities for Algebra
        Factor Game, Jeopardy PowerPoints Games
    Geometry: 18 files
        Not on the web site but on the CD:
        Golden rectangle, Pi memory mnemonics,
        and lesson plans for circumference & Pythagorean Thm.
    Algebra II / Precalculus: 74 files
        Not on the web site but on the CD:
        excel spreadsheet - example and templates - for the lotto game,
        Mistakes - ws on finding common alg. errors when solving equations,
        Math Alphametics worksheet ex. send + more = money,
        memory mnemonics for the number e and pi,
        an application that shows patterns in Pascalís Triangle,
        Trig Hand Jive - a memorization trick for specila angles,
        family of graphs visual, and
        2 trig. puzzle games - good review activity
        2 PowerPoint Jeopardy Games - good review activity
        Exponential Drinking W.S.
        Polar Graphing Summary Handout
    Any Class: 60 files
        Not on the web site but on the CD:
        math spelling game,and
        a matching math word game
        a problem solving activity - Bears & Fish
    Math Tricks (magic, card tricks, esp): 22 items
        Not on the web site but on the CD:
        Area Puzzle
        Calculator Tricks
        an ESP activity
        a Card Trick
        3 Math Magic Tricks

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