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Here is the Top 1988 Movies and TV Shows Preview of the eight ready-made, easy to use, affordable class reunion icebreakers, games, and slide shows, all based upon your graduation year.

Top Movies and TV Shows
This PowerPoint is a fun slide show of the top ten TV shows and top movies from the year you graduated. Some of the same slides are used in the Slideshow activity. This can be used as a whole group (any size) presentation or as a stand-alone where it is set to loop continuously. You would not do both the slide show above and this one as group presentations but one as a group and the other as a stand-alone or if you have a two-day reunion one on the first day and the other the second day.

(Note: Only the #9 & #10 screen shots are shown below. The background and font colors are different in the actual PowerPoint.)
(Note: All other years' formats are similar to the 1988 year preview.)

Ordering information available at: Class Reunion Activities Home Page

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